Book publishing

We publish books for the Healthcare sector under Edra and Servet labels, with best-selling titles in Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Medicine and Nursing.

Each work is subjected to an exhaustive technical work of reviews, verifications and analysis. We work with with the most renowned authors in each field to develop the most current and demanded topics in each sector, offering books with a unique design and quality.

We’re reference providers of services and products for the healthcare industry, with presence in more than 65 countries around the world and publishing works translated into 13 languages.

Fundamental features and benefits of our publishing services

Publications of unique design and content in the editorial market.

With digital versions, accessible online from PCs or Macs and offline from iPads and Android tablets.

They include innovative and added value graphic elements such as augmented reality, 3D, videos, animations, scientific illustrations, etc.

Established contact with international publishers in order to seek translation rights.

Two types of products

  • Publications of specialised and up-to-date content published under the Servet and Edra publishing companies.
  • Written by renowned authors and experts in each field, from different countries.
  • Edited and reviewed by a specialised team of Health Science profesionnals, translators, designers and illustrators.
  • Publications that can be customised for each company that wishes to use them for ther communication campaigns.
  • With brand image and periods of exclusive distribution rights.
  • Perfect as a tool for the promotion of products and of customer loyalty.



Small monographic handbooks, designed as reference material for veterinary professionals’ daily practice.

Format 17 x 11 cm of 52 to 82 pages.
Format 11 x 20 cm of 56 to 112 pages.

Standard format books and atlases

Publications of specialised content by clinical small animal specialty or by species of production, written by the most renowned authors in each subject area.

Format 17 x 24 cm of 96 to 264 pages.
Format 22 x 28 cm of 96 to 264 pages.
Format 23 x 29,7 cm of 208 to 440 pages.

Exclusive format books and atlases

You can choose special formats that adapt to your promotional requirements.