Value-added experiences

We help you develop your virtual training space for professionals

In our sector, the commercial activity of large companies has to associate itself with high value elements for the professionals, such as ongoing training. This helps to bring the brands closer to the areas of content most appreciated by their clients.

We have the necessary technology and experience for approaching any online training project adapted to the needs of your brand and of your target audience

Communication is everything. We help you connect with your audience designing training activities that create a beneficial and lasting connection with the brand. The key is to design a type of online learning that results in the acquisition of useful knowledge.

We design relevant and memorable experiences for the user,

We use different tools and resources that result in different services, with new and enriching experiences for the professional. Continuous professional development is a basic need for any professional in our sector. Just like any other, it needs innovative and captivating experiences.

The brand’s visibility is guaranteed throughout the user’s experience. From receipt of the invitation delivered by a sales representative, through to registering for the training activity, the confirmation of registration, and the whole completion of the course.

The world of online training has evolved rapidly in recent years. Each professional configures their own digital learning environment, using all of the tools available to them (online courses, social media, technical content distribution platforms, etc.).

We understand your product and your market. As experts in online training, we know what your public needs to learn. And last but not least, how and when they want to do so.

Bring the brand closer to your clients with the best training

We propose temporary brand sponsorships, so that you do not have to invest more than what is necessary in a sales promotion, or a product launch.

We are aware of the importance of developing good promotional material to be used by the sales representatives. It is fundamental for generating expectation and achieving sales.

Design and formatting of an informative dossier.

Design, printing and delivery of invitations to a single postal address.

Website access for rapid registration (enables rapid and secure registration for users).

After-sales report and survey results.


Each webinar is a unique opportunity for interacting with the top experts in the sector, while sharing experiences with other colleagues in the profession. The brand becomes the facilitator for this encounter.

Each webinar has a presenter and a moderator who provide technical support during the event. Attendees can send questions to the expert throughout the entire seminar, which are answered during the last part of the session. Once the event is finished, access to the recording of the talk is provided and is available for 1 month.

By eliminating the physical barriers to direct attendance, the online seminars become an excellent distribution tool with which to have an impact on a multitude of people.

Whether focussed on external professionals, or the training of internal employees, we can help to design a memorable presentation, direct the message to maximise its reach and therefore guarantee people’s satisfaction.

A lecture streamed live to a huge group of people, without the need to travel and with an excellent level of interaction between the students and the expert
Courses for updating technical knowledge with an expert

Our courses provide practical and useful training for professionals with content prepared by the top experts in the sector, where vets who are specialists in each subject provide the tutoring, monitoring and evaluation of the courses. A course format that is highly valued by veterinary professionals.

All user activities are centralised in the Asís Training Moodle campus: study of the theoretical material, resolution of case studies or exercises, completion of self-assessments, and participation in fora with an expert and tutors.

Questions are raised, discussions are proposed and people can interact with their colleagues in our fora, always under the supervision of an expert who specialises in the subject.

In order that the students can get the most out of this method of learning, we have prepared a tutorial that will guide their navigation through the virtual campus.

In addition, a specialised tutor who guides the user in their personal progress is available to assist at all times and to resolve their queries about how the campus works.

Video courses

Enjoyable, user-friendly and above all very effective. An educational proposal based on video lectures with renowned experts grouped into very specific subject areas.

Upon watching them, the vet reinforces and assimilates the key concepts after performing a simple self-assessment test. In addition, for each educational unit there is a downloadable abstract in PDF format available at any time.

Vetpills or capsules of veterinary knowledge

A new generation of e-learning specially designed for multi-device communication. Knowledge capsules for recurring use, always available for the user who needs to ‘refresh’ very specific aspects of their daily practice. With an estimated duration of 1 hour of teaching, they are prescribed as an increasingly in demand format.

We propose the creation of collections of capsules, which make it possible to plan periodic deliveries to users, generating reasons for communication and encounters between the users.


Reference website for small animal vets. Structured in 15 different categories, we propose a wide range of lectures grouped by the subject areas of most interest to professionals.

Audiovisual format designed as a knowledge capsule with an intrinsic individual educational value.

Educational units of short duration, very specific topics with a very practical approach. Multi-device, can be viewed on any device.

We propose annual sponsorships by categories, on a website for viewing content adapted to your brand.

Custom-made approach

The world of online training has evolved rapidly in recent years. Each professional configures their own digital learning environment, using all of the tools available to them (online courses, social media, technical content distribution platforms, etc.).

That is where the brands play a crucial role, guaranteeing and validating the content offered to professionals. If brands implement user-focussed e-learning in their communications strategies by means of their own websites, success is guaranteed.

Design, development and implementation of an online campus tailored to the brand and client (specialists in Moodle systems).

Development and virtualisation of content geared towards any LMS (SCORM, xAPI etc. standards).

Our methodology

We implement a flexible working process with a series of goals to fulfil which facilitates dialogue and interaction with the marketing and IT departments. This concludes in an optimisation of resources and guarantees the quality of the end product.

A roadmap for each course is approved after a briefing with our client, included in a comprehensive delivery schedule per project.

Whether an individual course for a new product launch, or a complete ongoing training programme, we continuously optimise this process so that it acts as the catalyst for the best results.

A premium team makes us stand out

As vets, we understand your product and your market. As experts in online training, we know what your public needs to learn. And last but not least, how and when they want to do so.

We have put together a team geared towards excellence in terms of results.

Veterinary instructional designers, experts in creating an educational narrative for professionals turned students, at the cutting edge of online learning techniques.

An educational method that is universal, proven and can be replicated.

Each service is designed and developed with the best experience for the user in mind (what, when and how).

We work hand in hand with the sector's most renowned experts.

Multimedia designers who provide the visually appealing format to these narratives.

IT developers - we opt for Moodle, but we work with multiple LMS (learning management systems). Technology is on our side.

Our clients play a crucial role by participating and adding value to the whole design and development process