About us

Experts in editorial marketing, a new service concept

Grupo Asís is the most specialised international editorial marketing agency in the Healthcare sector. We are Health Science professionals, with over 25 years of experience and we work in over 65 countries, with 100 people ready to handle your projects.

We work for the animal and human health industry by developing advertising, training and communications campaigns geared towards professionals, sales forces and consumers.

We provide strategy, creativity and content: the three ingredients of a coherent and consistent communications campaign. And we offer innovative proposals that effectively fulfil the new requirements of One Health marketing.

Editorial marketing increases the value of brands

Editorial marketing combines all of the trends and solutions which create experiences that advertising alone cannot provide.

It offers the target audience added value by means of the creation and multichannel distribution of materials with relevant content.

The Grupo Asís method, designed to achieve results

Our activity extends to all sections of the animal health industry’s value chain

At each of the stages the most appropriate contentformat and channels are analysed so that the different actions within a communications campaign reach their maximum efficacy.


Relevant and adapted to the target audience


To make the most out of the content and provide an excellent user experience


The content is optimised for each of the channels and means of distribution that will be used during the campaign

Our method is designed to facilitate the work of our clients

A Grupo Asís manager specialised in project management is the client’s point of contact who leads the team that will perform the work thanks to their knowledge of the market and of the products.

The project goes through three very defined phases,

whether it relates to an entire campaign or an item of communications:


to get the most out of the briefing


to construct innovative projects


to produce materials of the standard of quality required

Our effective chain of work saves our clients time and worry, and guarantees exceptional results.