Grupo Asís Biomedia is the leading company in Communication and Training of the Animal Health sector in Spain. The origins of the company date back to the year 1994, although the society Asís Veterinaria was founded in 1997. Servet Design and Communication was created later in order to cover the services of book editing and communication agency. The current Grupo Asís Biomedia was born in 2009, following the merge of our two societies, Asís and Servet.

In the publishing field, and under the prestigious Servet imprint, we publish about twenty technical books annually, with the collaboration of the most distinguished professionals. The works published by Servet are already a reference on the Spanish-speaking market and have been translated into languages such as English, German, French, Turkish, Chinese or Japanese.
We are leaders in specialised communication media and publish six magazines aimed at different professional sectors in the veterinary field. In addition, we administer the Argos and Albéitar web portals, the first on the Spanish-speaking market of the sector.
We organise and manage the communication campaigns of the main international pharmaceutical companies. Apart from comprehensive campaigns, Grupo Asís prepares monographs, leaflets, posters, designs advertisements and web pages, organises events…
As pioneers in e-learning, we are now indisputable leaders in the field of elearning in the veterinary sector. When necessary, the Asís courses are validated by the Comisión de Formación Continuada de las Profesiones Sanitarias (Commission for the Continuous Professional Development of Health Professionals), which allows professionals and companies to be trained according to their needs.
Innovation is another of the characteristics of Grupo Asís. Through its department of Research and Development, it organises all the multimedia actions and other actions related to new technologies.
Grupo Asís is a company specialised in creating and spreading knowledge in the veterinary field. Our aim is to contribute to the training of professionals and make our society enjoy better services as far as animal welfare, food security, and environment are concerned.

In order to achieve this ambitious project, we have taken a direction which is what makes us an attractive company: becoming the leading Communication Group that the world market needs in the veterinary field.

While on the way to achieving our vision and developing our mission, we professionals who are part of Grupo Asís, guide ourselves by the values of the organisation.

The following values represent the veterinary profession and a culture of care and respect towards animals:

  • Passion for the veterinary field
  • Excellence
  • Effectiveness
  • Honesty
  • Professional and personal development
  • Engagement
  • Responsibility

The people who work at Grupo Asís are the main value of the company. The staff is integrated by about 75 professionals, approximately half of them being graduates or doctors in Veterinary Medicine.

In addition, our team includes people from different professional backgrounds – journalists, publicists, designers, illustrators, graduates in Fine Arts, biologists, economists, computer programmers…- and from different countries: Spain, Mexico, France, United Kingdom, Germany or Italy.

They make up a truly multilingual and multidisciplinary team, not easy to gather in only one company. We could thus consider ourselves a unique group of professionals at the service of training and communication in the veterinary field.

360º communication

New communication for new times

The challenge of communication nowadays is called integration. At Grupo Asís, we combine the Internet and new technologies with traditional marketing means and communication media. Our objective is to create communication channels where the opinion leader and user receive more information about products and services with a better flow and more interactivity.

Our offer is based on a strategy that covers several aspects: visual, relational, communicative and informative. That way we create synergies between the different channels so that the message is transmitted with a greater effectiveness and impact. The result is a better perception of the brand and the creation of a stronger and more stable relationship with the receiver.

The integration of communication, multi-channelling and the use of the latest trends in advertising, such as transmedia techniques, achieve a significant improvement in the result of the campaigns. In order to obtain these results, Grupo Asís brings together an extensive range of services in the fields of publishing and traditional and digital communication, leading online and offline advertising media and e-learning platforms.

Multi-channelling, integration, transmedia, new approaches to communication and a strong team to implement the most appropriate online and offline strategies.

Asís Formación

The e-learning provider of choice in the veterinary field

Since the birth of Grupos Asís’s e-learning unit in 2008, thousands of students have done courses on our virtual training campus every year.

Our courses are aimed at veterinary clinicians, nurses as well as production animal vets. The secret of their success has three pillars: the quality of their contents and design, interactivity and participation. With the collaboration of experts in all the specialties, the courses are created by vets with expertise in educational design and designers with an excellent knowledge of multimedia resources.

We design interactive training units with a rigorous approach and all the advantages of distance learning: convenience, participation, use of technology, presence of a tutor, modern methods of evaluation...

After each course, students express what is the best support to our work: their satisfaction.

Training is a powerful marketing tool for the industry and is highly valued by professionals. E-learning is the most advanced option to provide continuous professional development to technicians in the sector.

Advertising agency

The creative area

What happens when publicists, vets and designers get together? The results of this cocktail is the most specialised communication agency in our sector. As vets we know the product, as publicists we know how to get the message across to our audience and as designers we present it in a brilliant way.

Our agency offers integrated solutions. That is why we can act as a single point of contact, since we do not outsource the main tasks, but control the whole value chain of the service we are going to provide to our clients.

Through a rigorous process, we analyse the communication strategy, choose the communication approach and build the advertising concept. The team of specialised designers, photographers and illustrators complete the task by creating high-quality and original works. A comprehensive, complete and effective service.

Always aware of the latest communication trends in order to apply them to the veterinary field in an effective and professional way.

Publishing services

The most extensive range of publications in the Animal Health sector

Grupo Asís holds the leadership on the publishing market thanks to the variety and quality of its products and services.

With the SERVET imprint, we offer specialised books with a unique design. Each work is submitted to a technical and thorough process of revision, checking and analysis. SERVET works with the most internationally renowned authors specialised in the topics most demanded by vets. At the moment, our publishing unit is the reference provider for the industry of the sector.

Our publishing services include “custom-made” editions. If a company has an editorial project, we are the most appropriate partner because of our experience, team and specialisation. Whether your project is a simple handbook or a complete serialised publication, we take care of the whole process, from coordinating the authors to arranging the printing of the work. We even ensure its promotion through our own media.

Grupo Asís also publishes the leading specialised magazines, six publications aimed at different professional sectors: Argos, aimed at companion animal practitioners and which is complemented with Portal Veterinaria Argos; Albéitar and Portal Veterinaria Albéitar, for animal production vets; Suis, a training programme for swine technicians designed by the most qualified specialists; Especies, the magazine with the highest reach in pet shops; Ateuves, for veterinary nurses; and Mundo Universitario; which is distributed in all the Faculties of Veterinary Medicine in Spain.

A great offering of books, leading titles, custom-made books and magazines, monographs, serialised publications, offprints, handbooks… make up a wide range of products to help serve the industry of the sector.